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Flexible Programs at BTI

At BTI, we understand that not everyone can take classes during the day. Many of our students have hectic work schedules, families to care for or both. If you need a career training program with evening classes or even online options, our flexible ASB/AST Degree and Diploma programs are a great place to start. (Please Note: Some classes may not be offered in the evening. )

Who Should Consider Our Flexible Program Options?

If you’re employed or a parent, our flexible ASB/AST Degree and Diploma programs are a great way to earn your credential while making a living and taking care of your family. Learn more below.

Our evening courses are great for Parents

If you’re a parent, you know how hectic life can get. Often the evenings are the only times you can get anything accomplished. At Berks Technical Institute, we want to help you succeed and the time of day doesn’t matter. In the mornings, in the afternoon, or in the evenings, we want to be here to help you.

Berks Technical Institute Campus:

  • Wyomissing

    As we’ve gradually grown our 63,500 square-foot campus since 1982, we’ve tried to make every foot of it serve the needs of our students. Located near the Berkshire Mall, our campus is conveniently located in Wyomissing, PA with plenty of parking and the Route 15 BARTA bus serving the campus.

    If you get to campus and you need a quick bite to eat, you can stop by our Subway restaurant for a sandwich, or you can take a short walk to the Berkshire Mall to discover the many places to eat in its food court.

    Coming to BTI is much more than finding good food. As a student at Berks Technical Institute, you will have access to the best equipment and facilities such as computer labs, online student lounges, and more to help you gain the knowledge you need and put into practice.